Introduction to SSH
SSH is the protocol that allows us to communicate between two computers over the internet. It allows users to share files as well as control and modify remote computers over the internet. It provides several alternative options for strong authentication, and it protects the communications security and integrity with strong encryption.

SSH Command

ssh {user}@{host}

You can try using free ssh server for this. Usually, I use for the ssh testing.

For Example :


Expanding Cards

I have reimplemented created by Brad Traversy using React and TypeScript. I want to explain how to create Expanding Card component in this article.

Firstly, create the ExpandingCards folder, then create an index.tsx and style.css file inside that folder.

In the index.tsx file type this code :

  1. The code below is used to keep the active card id :
const [activeId, setActiveId] = React.useState<number>(1);

2. The code below is used to looping the data :

{ => (<div  key={}  className={`panel ${activeId === ? "active" : ""}`}  onClick={() => onClick(}  style={{ backgroundImage: `url(${card.url})` }}>  <h3>{card.title}</h3>

Robby Widyahartono

I’m a Full Stack Typescript Engineer, I usually work with react native, react js, and NestJS

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